Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no surprises up my sleeve

It's been very busy around here, as I'm sure anyone who knows me could guess. I tend to overdo it in normal circumstances, and "planning for a wedding" hardly qualifies as normal for me. It's been a while since I've really updated anyone on my life, but it seems to either revolve around wedding stuff (and I don't want folks feeling like they've already been-there-done-that before April 11 arrives!) or things that are personal enough that I don't care to share them because they involve Rob to one degree or another.

Tellingly, the name of HIS blog (where he is, as in real life, somewhat quiet) is Because I Had No Idea.

A truer word was never spoken, eh?

What I will say is that right now almost feels like the honeymoon, in one sense. He's working in Spokane, I'm working here, we are in near-constant communication via chat or our phones... the really lousy part is the long distance and no sex. Yep, that's where my honeymoon analogy falls flat.

HOWEVER, once he gets here, Rob will be effectively unemployed*. We'll be stuffed into a condo that I've filled to the brim with enough things that I'm honestly puzzled about where to put certain things we've registered for (not the awesome stereo that Rob added... things like coffee mugs, that I added!). Our bedroom will also be his office, since we don't care to move Blake in with us to free up the B's room. Nothing truly earth-shattering or traumatic, but things that have me feeling a little wary about how Little Miss Crabby Ass here will react to her world being shaken up.

Maybe the sex will help. Also, start praying for Rob now!

On the up side, I get to have a husband, team member, and lover who promises to cuddle me at night and keep me warm and lead our family. And we will drown out the drone of his three or four hard drives with a nice little room fan... or a jet engine.

I wonder where I'd register for one of those?

I should note that Rob's been making all kinds of business contacts here. I do not believe his unemployment will last very long simply because he's talented and hard working. While I envy his down time, he envies my regular work schedule. We'd trade in a heartbeat. And neither of us believe that God would have thrown us together so thoroughly simply to let us starve to death.


Rob Bedford said... maybe? That'd be great if I could pipe cold air through it... I could use it as a cooler for the computer, then overclock it.. /begins to ponder

lanerdoo said...

Your prayer request was slightly ambiguous, although the context made some interesting things come to mind. Do we pray for Rob to have stamina, to survive the first week and your ravenous desire for sex, or that he will still love you once he realizes what a "Little miss Crabby Ass" you are?

If it is the latter, I'd be happy to come stay with you for a week so he can see how much worse he could have done. You know me, you know how CRAZY I can be!

If, however, it was the first're on your own, although I have some ideas for that too(none actually involving me :). Anywho- let me know how I can help!

Addie said...

LANE. Pray for both, OF COURSE.

T said...

i could move in. would that help?

T said...

ps...please tell me you read this( i basically died laughing and then i thought of you.