Friday, March 20, 2009

that's what he said

B: (to Aunt Bethany) It's important to share, but it's my turn right now.

B: I have to go potty.
A: (hollering, as he was speedy) Do you want more asparagus?
B: (hollering back) I'm a' serious! I have to go potty!

M: (trying to gauge B's interest in the wedding) Anything coming up that you're looking forward to?
B: (thoughtfully) Well, I get to have pizza for dinner.

(at 3:00ish in the morning, when B was sleeping on the floor of my room in Spokane)
B: (sniff)
(ten to three hundred sniffs later)
A: BLAKE. You need to stop sniffing. I'm trying to sleep. You can blow your nose.
B: No, I like to sniff. I sorry mom. I'll try to sniff quieter.

During corporate confession, the congregation reads a passage from the bulletin aloud together.

Everyone: That we would be transformed into..."
B: (standing quickly from where he was playing on the floor, excited) TRANSFORMERS?!

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