Sunday, March 22, 2009

i love nostalgia

"There are Rocks in My Socks!" Said the Ox to the Fox is quite possibly one of the best children's books EVER. I've been looking for it in Barnes & Noble when I think of it, but was mistakenly remembering it as a Dr. Seuss. It is not.

Mom found our circa 1979 copy on a dig through the garage, and I read it to Blake tonight. Dad reminisced about reading it to me as a child, liking the rhymes, then liking that I recited it to him because I'd memorized it, but not liking that the memorization meant I'd catch him when he tried to turn two pages at once. "Dad, you missed a page."

"Oh, yes." (grumble grumble)

Well, I got done with the walk down memory lane, and Blake said, "Mom, that is my new favorite book when you read it to me."

I can't wait to hear it recited. Blake is especially good at rhyming words, and I am especially sneaky about turning two pages at once.

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