Friday, March 27, 2009

where did i go?!

Yeah yeah, I'm not blogging much. Well, in case you weren't aware, I have a four-year-old. I think that should be excuse enough, but I will add more because I am a giver: I am planning a wedding that will take place in two-weeks-plus-one-day, I am making space for the husband and his stuff in our wee condo, I am still working half-time, and Rob arrived (his final move here!) in Bozeman yesterday.

WHOO WHOO! Imagine me raising the roof while saying that, because that is how I feel. It's all very exciting, as Blake and I would say.

I have a number of ideas for posts, each of which would take thirty to sixty minutes to whip out and make presentable with funny bits and no misspellings. I do not have such time lying around, though finishing with the 500+ almond tartlets does help. Of course, now that I'm done with those, I have some pinwheels to cut and assemble (with help). And so it goes.

With Rob here, fully intending to help, I have actually lost a little of my momentum, since I just want to be where he is, sitting quietly and reading or cuddling or doing, er, something that we can't do yet. But we got RBedford Productions licensed to operate in Bozeman today. We're getting our marriage license today. We're getting our shot list to the photographer today. We've sampled the rehearsal dinner pulled pork and decided it is worthy of our familys' high standards. We've set up the enormous flatscreen (anyone need a nice big regular old television?), Wii, and Blu-Ray. We're unpacking clothing into the closet and armoire, and I'm trying to be sacrificial in giving up certain clothing items or shoes I don't wear often enough to warrant the space. We're planning a menu for the next two weeks that I'm about to go shopping for, and we're making sure that each of us has a tanning package so that we can look like something other than the pasty white Montanan folks we are.

See? I'm working very hard, momentum notwithstanding. And I will try to be better about posting, because otherwise the little moments that I use this blog to remember will pass me by, and I will forget them forever... And I've got some great ones:
  • More "that's what he said," because the kid doesn't stop talking, and it never stops being funny.
  • My church shower, which including an acrostic of "Addie's Bliss," lots of amazing women, some tears, and some lovely, lovely things said to and about me.
  • Things I've learned the hard way (still compiling this list).
  • Rob being in Bozeman for good.
  • The friends who have made the wedding possible and kept me sane and how they have done so. It's kind of a public thank-you, but don't worry, Mom. I'll still write them notes!
  • Thoughts on being married again.


Joy Joy said...

Because I check every day, I do appreciate the update! Keep praying that this baby will come so we can be at your wedding. This morning, my midwife told me she would be surprised if I made it through the weekend! Woot Woot! I will keep praying for you that you can maintain some level of sanity, at least until Rob signs the wedding license ;)

Reese said...

I really am just so happy for you and Rob. I'm excited for you to settle back into a routine of "wife-ly-ness" because you really are quite good at it. What a wonderful time! Let me know what I can do to help with wedding prep.

Catherine said...

Hey, as you're going through your belongings, keep in mind that I'll probably be having a garage sale the beginning of May and will gladly sell some of your stuff for you. I might even give you the money I get for it :).

Nichole said...

I'm excited about 500+ almond tartlets..mmmm! Don't put the platter in front of the Dutch girl :)