Friday, May 1, 2009

march showers

I wanted to share some of the funny and tender moments from the great shower that was thrown for me by the girls and women from church. Mostly, I was blown away by the generosity of spirit shown by these lovely ladies who have joined with me in tears and prayers and laughter over the years. A few had known me married before and had known Blake; many had never known me married; a very very few did not know my story beyond my pending wedding.

After sharing my story to shared tears and shared laughter and shared joy about God's work in my life, a few women prayed for me, little Blake, and Rob. Some of my favorite parts were when my dear friends said very kind things about me - imagine that!

AH: (in prayer) Thank you, God, for making Addie such a forthright and spirited woman. (What a lovely way to describe what can be two of my bigger weaknesses, and I appreciated the choice of words!)

AC: You know how "Isaac" means laughter? I think the female equivalent is "Addie." I love how Addie loves to laugh.

Finally, Catherine's acrostic and teaching tool. I asked the shower organizer to have Catherine do the devotional (we wouldn't be Presbos if we didn't learn something at every event!). She came up with the acrostic "ADDIE'S BLISS." I, of course, noticed all the S's and was loudly excited about them...

for the Submission. Isn't that what all wives look forward to most?

Here's what Catherine came up with. I love her.

A - Ask and give forgiveness
D - Divine intervention
D -Daily Companion
I - Influence
E - Expectations
S - Submission
B - Bending (compromise) (she called this the cheater one, since you have to fudge at least one letter in any acrostic)
L - Laughter
I - Integrity
S - Serving

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Grammie Perrine said...

Oh dear - I mis-read the 2nd to last "S" as 'Starving', when followed by final "S" 'Sex' painted quite a mental picture.