Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cautious post

So, N was seen by her OB/GYN, not the newbie GYN who was supposed to see her. And Dr. B (who delivered Blake and is a wonderful wonderful man) did another test to check for amniotic fluid and said she could go home! I'm not super-clear on the details, so I won't post them (learned that the hard way yesterday, posting the details I had received that were WRONG), but the essential truth is that N gets to go home today, take it nice and easy for the next few weeks, then back to life as usual.

Praise the Lord! Please keep praying that little peanut doesn't decide to crash the party and stays safely ensconced in the womb for several more months.

This is such a relief to me. I was upset enough yesterday to just sort of quit everything. I prayed, wept, opened a bottle of wine, and played a video game while watching a very violent movie (because romantic comedy would have irritated me to no end). I have funny coping mechanisms.

N & P: I can't wait to hug your necks and scold that little belly N is sporting for giving us such a scare.


Joanie said...

I still haven't recovered! It's interesting how your previous post gives such great advice for this present situation. I am truly joyful that Naomi is home and determind not to let worry steal that away!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad to hear your friend is doing well. I have a friend who is 18 weeks and is on bed rest in the hospital for something similar, I think. She said there's no amniotic fluid. Prayers would be appreciated.