Tuesday, July 21, 2009

he'll pull through just fine

Blake had a bit of a fever this afternoon when he got up from his nap, but nothing major. I gave him Tylenol, he laid low, I went about my day, no big deal. Went to spend time with a friend that I've not seen in too long, and when leaving the house, this conversation ensued:

A: Bye guys! I'm off!
B: (running from the bedroom, Superman cape flying) Wait! I have to give you a hug and a kiss goodbye. You look beautiful mom.
A: Well, thank you! I sure love you.
B: Where are you going?
A: I get to go hang out with Stephie tonight.
B: Ooh, I can come there. That would be great.
A: Not tonight - the boys are gone, so it's just us grils.
B: Ok, but first I need another hug and a kiss. (does so enthusiastically) Have fun mom, I will be glad when I can go to Chase's house too!

I got home, and Rob gave me a synopsis of the night, which included an unusually subdued Blake and a little emotional frailty. Concerned by the description of B moving towards bed on his own because of how tired he was and how mellow, I went to check on him. One touch told it all.

As I woke him to take both some Tylenol and his temperature, his little body spasmed into what looked frighteningly like the seizure he had back when he was 18 months, though he quickly woke enough to sit up and sip the medicine. Still, his hands trembled violently, and I pressed some Jell-O on him to help his blood sugar in case that was the problem. Quite suddenly, after two bites, he cheerfully told me that he felt better now, the medicine was working, and that I could put the Jell-O back in the freezer, he'd eat it tomorrow. Also, could I please bring him the ice pack for him to sleep with?

I dutifully put away the Jell-O, brought him a water bottle and the ice pack, and settled in to comfort him back to sleep. He proceeded to prattle on about everything and nothing, telling me about his day, about how his head and stomach had hurt him when I was gone, but he was so glad that I was back now, about Luke the Skywalker and Anakin and Superman and Batman. I began to worry that he was delirious, so I asked him his name.

B: Blake.
A: And your middle names?
B: Bedford.
A: What comes between Blake and Bedford?
B: Uh...
A: One of them starts with an "S."
B: Bedford.
A: Sssss...
B: Samuel.
A: Yep, and the other one starts with an "M."
B: Bedford.
A: No, what was your name before? And mine? The same as Daddy Blake's?
B: Uh...
A: Morstad.
B: Morstad. Blake Samuel Morstad Bedford.
A: That's right!
B: Wow, I have a big name. That's huge.


lanerdoo said...

Oh dear. He is too much. I just smile inside when you share all of Blake's wonderful thoughts. How scary for you, I'm glad he pulled out of it so quickly!

Gailzee said...

Bless his heart. How sweet is that little man!? I pray he is doing better! Love and kisses for Blake from Auntie Gail!