Wednesday, July 29, 2009

myers girls make cute babies

I think we get it from our mom. Click on a pic to get a NICE BIG VERSION!

Maddox, putting on the charm.

Smith was AMAZED, Maddox and Grammie amused... I'm not sure what caused such a reaction, but we've near identical pictures of Reese. It was her signature face for a while.

Look at those cheeks - simply scrumptious! Maddox is pretty cute too.

"Hmm, now where shall I begin?" (Smith)


We spent the weekend at a cabin on the Stillwater, and they had this dear little playhouse for their granddaughters. The boys loved it and made a lot of coffee... but weren't great at sharing.

Smith, Blake, and Mason, pouring the coffee (which the twins call 'hot').

With only two mugs, Blake gave Smith a pot rather than give up his own mug. He then helpfully poured...

... and bottoms up! Or, in your face. It's so hard to tell.

Smith looking pensive.

But it's all good! Dad's here and has a cheesy grin too!


aubyn said...

I think Blake is the only one to master the concept of a cup... great photos, Addie!

Gailzee said...

These were so cute! All those boyz, it should get crazier still!!!