Friday, July 17, 2009

slightly harder to cuddle

A hand vacuum is better than a dog.
  • Cleans without leaving lick spots on the floor.
  • Cleans both food AND non-food debris.
  • Doesn't add its own debris to the floor.
  • Recharges without needing exercise.
  • Entertains Blake without being needy.
  • No vet bills.
  • Doesn't beg.
  • Stays tucked behind the couch when not in use.


Addie said...

But of course, Blake wants a dog.

Molly said...

But can your vacuum cleaner wash your dishes?

Anonymous said...

Dogs are wonderful companions that always love - and yes, lick and make messes... and snuggle and listen without comment and are always happy to see me!! Kitty (one of your dog-loving friends)

kathleen. said...

I choose neither.

lanerdoo said...

I'm with woman that one.