Wednesday, August 12, 2009

that's what he said

(to the tune of Black Sabbath's Iron Man) I am Iron Man, you can't catch me I'm too fast.

He knows a song for pretty much any superhero I can name. Most of the songs are legit, some are almost legit (see above), some are just totally made up. All of them are particularly awesome when sung by a four-year-old.

I making this for Grammie because it's beautiful and my Grammie loves beautiful things. But my Papaw just loves rocks.

Sching! Sching! I'm Wolverine! See my knifey fists?

B: When I get bigger, I'm going to play World of the Warcraft.

Mom, I am this tall (holds his hand on top of his head), so I am really getting bigger. See how big I am?

Mom, you're beautiful. I will give you flowers if you want a surprise. When I get bigger and grow up. But not my sunseeds. Oh! I mean my sunflowers. They are kind of different, I don't know, kind of like a sun. Cuz a sun has red or, OOOOOH, no. I don't know. Maybe. No. I don't know. Maybe.

Mom (hovering close as I ate, immediately after he'd had a snack), I will eat that for you, if you get tired of it. If you want. Are you tired of that yet?


Rob Bedford said...

You should have heard him yesterday when he was mixing Iron man and something about Jesus...

Gailzee said...

I love a good Blakester chuckle in the morning! So precious! You will love having those quotes when you're older!

Jess said...

Eric and I always love reading these quotes... thanks for sharing the smile!

Joy Joy said...

You commented on my blog, so I know you're online. When do we get to see pictures of little no name Schuyler???