Wednesday, August 26, 2009

unusually political for me

I'm sick of the emotional rhetoric being thrown around by those vehemently against the government's health care/insurance/cost reform (including the man who cluelessly said "Keep your government out of my Medicare!"). I am sick of being made to feel that our president's endorsement is enough to make me embrace a confusing and flawed 1000-page bill.

But I am also tired of the apathy of the American public at large, including my own. The attitude of "I've-got-mine-so-screw-you" is not acceptable. Arguing that the Constitution doesn't include health care isn't helpful. Leaving those less fortunate to suffer and die under either crippling illness or crippling debt is unconscionable. Continuing to penalize those unfortunate enough to have an illness manifest during a period without insurance has to stop. We're allowing health insurance companies to discriminate against the sick.

I am not sure if I approve of a bill I've not read. What I do know is that the compassion we need in order to carefully and wisely reconsider the status quo is sadly lacking. I'm tired of seeing rants from well-meaning friends on Facebook. I fear for my brother-in-law and his family - as someone unfortunate enough to suffer a collapse a mere week short of qualifying for health insurance, he and my sister are all but condemned to declare medical bankruptcy. Federal law requires that he be given care in an emergency, but that is not reassuring enough when he is only TWENTY-SIX and evidently forever barred from getting insurance to cover the very condition he needs coverage for.

The current system is broken. I am not sure that federalized care is the answer, but clearly, insurance companies as they stand now appear more concerned with their bottom line than they are with providing customer service that truly serves the customer. Chances are very good that someone you know is struggling with this issue: how to pay for care that's not covered. Now? NOW can you show some compassion to your fellow man?

This is more a rant than a "this is how we solve this" post, but I did find this, this, and this helpful in framing my current mindset of "I don't know what to do, but I'd rather err on the side of grace."


Lindsey K said...

I am all fired up right along with you and for all the same reasons! I also think that the "christian = Republican = government is always right" mindset is scary!

In our staff meeting this morning we were pondering/discussing this thought:
"where the Jews got it wrong was they were focused on 'how is God going to redeem us to the world'--when the question should have been, 'how are we going to bring God to the world'" And that same thought process might still be what we are getting wrong today.
I think there might be some application there in this whole thing as well.

And the "get your government out of my Medicare" just shows the state of our ignorance, but I laughed just the same :)

Grammie Perrine said...

My darling Addie - thank you for putting into words what my heart is screaming! Why is it that we do not serve the very persons who NEED help? Why in this country do we not take care of those who need care the most? Thank you darling girl. Thank you for speaking OUT. I adore you.

Grammie Perrine said...

Addie - you speak so eloquently. I borrowed your words and posted them on my Facebook. I hope you are not offended but honored that I was so taken by your words that I needed to share them.