Friday, September 4, 2009

also dangerous: weeding... sometimes those roots come out unexpectedly fast

In trying to give the Spokane house a little more curb appeal, Terra and I arrived this morning and decided to weed and sweep the driveway.

All the dust that didn't make it into the dumpster has taken up residence in our noses. I am thisclose to taking a picture of the Kleenex to show you because it's kind of awe-inspiring, if you like being awed in a really really gross way.

Also, upon pulling off the freeway, I remembered that I do not have a key to the place with me. I called our excellent realtor, Hal, to see if he could meet us there at the drop of a hat, and while he couldn't, he did mention a window that wasn't locked in the back and that I was pretty skinny...

Terra is a whip-fast photographer. She now has a shot of my legs poking up at odd angles from a window that's pretty far above the ground. I had to wiggle in head first and walk my hands along the floor to get the rest of me inside. She almost died laughing while I just almost died. Hand walking is VERY dangerous, I'll have you know.


Joy Joy said...

Awesome. I really must see that photo.

Thanks for your thoughts on Mike's dad--I know you understand.

Janelle Wilson said...

And bonus points for your realtor for calling you skinny. He's good.

Jess said...

Where's the picture?!?!?!?