Friday, September 18, 2009

that's what he said

A: I'm gonna miss you something fierce when you go to Grammie Gee's.
B: Well, don't worry, cuz I will come back.
A: Oh, thank you.

B: Aww, Mom, you're cute.
A: YOU'RE cute!
B: That's not what you're supposed to say! You're supposed to say "Thank you."
A: Oh. Thank you.
B: You're welcome.
A: You're funny.
B: I AM funny cuz I'm Hammy!

R: I've played that before and didn't like it.
A: Well, maybe with a beer and a different group of people, it'll be more fun.
R: I bet that applies to a lot of things.


Unknown said...

Regarding the last quote: This is very true of my spouse and me. Him? not a big fan of card games. Me? Big, big fan of games.

Let's just say "Apples to Apples" is a blast when we play "fermented" Apples to Apples.


Addie said...

HANNAH! You are prescient. "Apples to Apples" is exactly what this last quote was about. And I think any sort of fermented drink is a great equalizer for those of us who love games and those of us who only love very specific games (think World of Warcraft and Munchkin).

Lonnie Smith said...

haha, not sure if a beer will make apples to apples more playable. Poor rob.