Tuesday, September 29, 2009

that's what he said

B: Excuse me. I tooted a lot.
A: You tooted a lot?!
B: I am a tootin' rootin' machine.

B: And we can call Grammie Gee, and she can say, "I love Blake so much. Maybe I will buy him some candy because that would be a fun surprise and I love him." And then she will. And then she will visit us and I will hug her and she will tell me that she bought me candy because she loves me so much.

But she's not a present machine.

B: You can call me silly now cuz I don't want to be normal.

I was just kidding on being normal.

I was just kidding on ya.

M: (to me, while discussing cleaning products) What do you wash with vinegar?
B: (immediately stops playing to tell her, in complete seriousness) My mouf.

B: I like when you and Dad hug. Because it means you love each udder!

B: (while watching Goonies for the first time) Hey, Dad! This looks just like Pirates of the Carrot-Bein'!

B: Can I wear my glasses outside in the snow?
A: You bet! You want to see out there too, right?

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Lindsey K said...

Carrot-Bein!!!! awesome. That kid makes my day, he is such a gift. So is his mom.