Tuesday, September 29, 2009

only two things are certain in life

I think it's even more great that you and your dad do that together. Cherish the time you spend with your parents, as there will someday come a time when it will just be a memory, Addie.

A friend just wrote me this in response to me telling him about going antelope hunting with my dad. While I shudder away from the implications of such a sobering thought (and really, few do well with reminders of mortality), I appreciate the urgency it gives me to enjoy those I love as much as I can. The man who wrote this is well into his sixties, and I imagine he speaks as one with experience.


Anonymous said...

I think about this every time I am out with my dad. It's great adivce.

lanerdoo said...

It is great advice. And, while I'm excited that we get to go together, I am also jealous of my time with him. For many years it has just been dad and me on this hunt and I treasure the conversation and aloneness that Cohagen has to offer. I think it will be enriched by your presence this year, that's what I think.

Crystal Young said...

I think about this all the time. I spent a Christmas with my grandfather so that I could shoot some video of him being him and was so glad I did. He passed away but I have something I can play every time I miss him and feel like he is right there.