Sunday, September 27, 2009

once again, God makes a mockery of coincidences


I am sorry - I will try to avoid yelling this whole post, BUT I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO HELP IT! Lane and Bing won a house. A $400,000 donated house, raffled off by the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. They bought three of the hundred-dollar tickets, and they won. I am just gob-smacked.

Last night's Bing-efit was a resounding success, and we were all quite literally floating on the high of hundreds of folks chipping in to chip away at the overwhelming odds faced by the Perrine family. And then, on live television this afternoon, Lane's name was drawn from the raffle. They have toured the (very!) nice house that is so green, they are EARNING MONEY from the utility company, or at least have a negative balance. They've been interviewed by a local news station and both were able to testify to God's faithfulness. The interview and tour will air at the 10:00 pm Billings news. Once the interview is posted to Q2's website, I'll link to it.

In all my prayers for a blanket "provision" for my dear family, I never imagined God would work it out like this. As of right now, they don't have near enough furniture for it and are planning to host the family Thanksgiving dinner. And they are at a party with the St. Jude's folks and the builders and the other generous folks who made this happen - and the believers of the group all have goosebumps at how interconnected and unbelievable the circumstances are.

HOLY MOLY, GOD! You are weird and so so good. Praise you, Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Hi Addie,
I don't know if you remember me, I spoke with you at Molly's wedding. Your sister will be my new neighbor. I was watching them pull up and started hollering that's Addie's sister - I had to pull up the blog for my hubby to believe me. I can't wait to meet them - they are going to love the community!
Sarah Phillips

Jenn Schneider said...

(crying)This is incredible! I can't wait to see the news!

Jessielynn said...

As my dear friend Alan has said to me, "What WON'T God do for you?!?"