Saturday, September 26, 2009

t and i agreed that we never ever exaggerate

We're in Billings for the Bing-efit! Come out and play tonight, if you cool enough to be in town and not in Dallas (MOLLY) or on the way back from Kenya (KELLIE).

Dad grilled New York strip last night, which makes me wonder why we do not spend more Friday nights here. Rob had to stay behind, which is sad (he is most sad over the steak, I think), because he's got to work today. He's now lead in-town driver and training the new guy. Woohoo! He also knows how to fix the dryer vent that's been disconnected for months now. WOOHOO!

The amount of lint blown clear - due to the newly connected dryer vent - that promptly lodged in our outside lint trap for me to pluck free triggered my gag reflex.

I had a bad attitude about packing, so we got out the door much later than intended. The worst part about packing is knowing that you're just going to have to unpack it all again very soon, so why bother? There was a mini-catastrophe on the way out when we realized that Blake's case of DVDs and CDs was missing. Still cannot find it, and few things drive me NUTTY INSANE more than misplacing something I should know where it is (see previous post about 30 Rock DVD and ask how I feel about being unable to locate my second garage door opener). It's one of the side effects of being slightly uptight and anal retentive.

Despite new cell towers sprinkled along the stretch of I-90 from Bozeman to Billings, I lost cell service twice. Granted, this is a vast improvement over the swathes of "no service" from a scant year or two ago, but I find it especially irritating to have calls dropped when I am within throwing distance of a tower. Sure, it's probably not owned by my carrier, but the least they could do if the carriers can't share is hide the tower behind an abnormally large pine tree or in a valley or under a bridge or in a grain silo.

I took my contacts out last night before I realized that I had neglected to pack my glasses and still needed to hit the grocery store. I thought I'd just rinse the acid that takes six hours to neutralize from the lenses, pop 'em back in, and hit the road. Instead, I near blinded myself in one eye. The cleaning fluid (ACID) doesn't rinse so easily, and my eye exploded in a spasm of pain and tears, instantly relocating all makeup from my eye to my cheek and puffing to the point that I almost needed a crowbar in order to scratch the offending acid-coated lens off my retina.

Then I drove around Billings at night while talking on my cell phone, drinking single malt Scotch, and searching under my seat for a new CD. I probably texted a few times and put my makeup back on too.


Grammie Perrine said...

Sorry to hear about the searing eye sister Lane has searing hand pain... What a pair! Your last paragraph is hysterical ...partly due to the fact that this description fits about half the airhead drivers on the road.

Dave said...

It's bad enough to drive like that, but with the 6 on your plates people just expect you to drive like you've got a phone up your butt and are still trying to talk into it.

Jessielynn said...

What?!? You had people in Kenya?!? Hope they had a good time, even if it wasn't with me. =)

And sorry 'bout the packing trauma/eye pain/general frustration.

Anonymous said...

I so did that with my contact while camping! I was screaming in the tent and Chris thought a wild animal had gotten in. The Bing-efit was great and it was great to see you.