Wednesday, September 23, 2009

summers: bake until golden, enjoy immediately, part 2

Some of the better photographic evidence of Blake's amblyopia (don't you dare call it lazy eye - either to annoy me or him - he will firmly correct you that his eye is NOT lazy). Within two weeks of seeing this, we were in the optometrist's chair.

Some of what the solution looks like! Blake now wears glasses (and if you look closely, you'll be able to tell from what sickening Disney franchise, also yes, he wears that shirt A LOT, thanks MOM). We also patch his left eye three times a day for twenty minutes while we read, do a puzzle, play a game, etc. The goal is to train his right eye to correctly see things at close range. When told of his amblyopia, Mom guessed that it must have come from the Morstads, since it clearly wasn't from our side of the family. She then spoke to Dad that night, who said with surprise, "Oh - I had that!" Surprise!

The results of giving away a living room couch and table set on Craigslist. This wiry man, no taller than me, managed to get ALL OF IT in the back of his little truck for he and his daughter to use. They were so sweet I wanted to give them the house too. He was like Superman, and I wish Blake could have seen it.

It was really something. He laughed that I must think him desperate to take pictures, and I assured him I was thrilled it was going to folks who so badly needed it, and the photos were because I was also so impressed.

Another double rainbow (you'll have to trust me) appeared as Terra and I left the Spokane house for the last time. She made me promise before we got there that I wouldn't dream up other improvements - that we'd get it to a point where I was okay walking away and trusting God for it to sell. We painted, cleaned, touched up, and I walked away under a double rainbow that I interpreted as God's promise to sell the house soon. Terra said something about a flood and blah blah blah.

Tomatoes! I grew these! And then we ate them. NOM NOM NOM. Even Blake likes a cherry tomato fresh from the vine.

My smoking hottie on the trail to the "M." That trail does NOT get any easier, unfortunately. We agreed that we are a leetle out of shape. Also, some turkeys vandalized the formerly pristine white "M." I hate when people act like asshats.


Lindsey K said...

I like the word Asshats

T said...

we might be fighting (but i refuse to tell you why through a comment on your blog).

also i'm going to tell my friend landall about asshats. remember my story about asshats and the computer people wanting him to change his network name. hahaha

Grammie Perrine said...

I love the pic of Rob and Blake cuddling in red shirts and spectacles. What handsome boys!

Nancy said...

You can partly blame the Morstads for the eye "problem". Clara has it, too. Although, I never did know the medical term for it. She wears one contact on that eye, as the other one is 20-20.

Anonymous said...

A friend in college once showed me his "lazy eye trick" and just stared at me.

...I laughed for three days.