Saturday, November 28, 2009

i've been listening, and he likes egg nog

Grammie: We were fed, we were clothed – growing up, I didn’t know we were poor! Everyone else had about as much as we did, and the few folks we considered rich, well, it turned out one of them was running an illegal still and the others got their money through shady means too. But we weren’t hungry or naked – we really weren’t poor.

B: Ooh! I love these!
A: Those are measuring cups.
B: I love them. (sniffing deeply) They smell fresh.
Oh! I love these circle things!
A: Egg yolks?
B: Yeah. I love egg yolks.
A: You excited about the puffy pancake then?

B: Dad! Do you like noggin-egg?
R: What?
B: Noggin-egg! Because guess what?! MOM GOT SOME.

B: (giggling) Mom, your belly is jiggling.
A: (while exercising in a sports bra) Huh.
B: Can I touch it?
A: NO.

B: Those Lego men are having tea on their couches. (after taking my hand weights and creating a square with them, then sitting Lego men inside)


Dana and Andrea Davenport said...

This one left me laughing long after reading it.
"Can I touch it.."

I SO SEE YOUR FACE when he said


leblogdelossmiths said...


Unknown said...

Guess which one I'm laughing out loud about!