Friday, November 27, 2009

who would you sit down with?

It's the national day of listening, where you are supposed to grab a tape recorder and a friend or family member and ask them to tell you something about their lives, or ask them specific questions about something in their lives.

I wish I were near my Grammie. I think she's who I'd best like to hear from, if only because I know my mom has already done something like this and learned that Grammie grew up in a family who would use their bedsheets until they were threadbare down the center, then cut a line directly down the center, sew the two sides together in a new seam, and continue to use them until the sides were as threadbare as the rest.

We do not live in such a practically frugal world any more, and it would be nice to have a reminder of what it was like to really go without while still having everything you needed, to really use something up to the end of its purpose, and to get a glimpse of my Grammie as a little girl. My stories seem awfully dull in comparison!

I love you Grammie, and I plan on calling you (without a tape recorder - I'm sorry and you're welcome) later today to tell you in person!


Janelle Wilson said...

Over the summer I was able to speak to Seth's 96 year old grandma Evelyn about her teaching days in a one room school house. It's amazing to hear the stories of other generations. She just passed her driving test last week, and is still a mover and a shaker. We should all be so lucky!

aubyn said...

I am having trouble with this question, I love anthropology and would listen to everyone. I liked talking with my mother the other day about her life growing up, and at Thanksgiving I got to see photos of Monica and Scott as young'uns.
I wouldn't mind listening to Ingrid tell stories about what Hans was like as a kid, her life back in Norway and New York.