Friday, November 13, 2009

that's what he said

B: Mom, can we get two pets if we have a bigger house?
A: I suppose that could work...
B: I want a cat and a dog because I love dogs licking me.
A: Uh...

B: I want to be a girl.
L: Why?
B: I want to be like Daisy Duck.
L: No, you don't.

T: That song is about how Jesus loves us!
B: No it's not.
T; Yes, it's about how much Jesus loves us as his children.
A: And it makes my heart happy to hear you singing, buddy.
B: It makes my heart happy too.
It sounds like you're going to cry.
T: Well, you know, when your child says "It makes my heart happy," it makes you want to cry EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT YOUR CHILD.

Go ahead. Reread that after watching this and see if you don't cry about the fact that Blake was singing the chorus along with them. God is good, even when life doesn't always feel very good.


Rob Bedford said...

_I_ want a dog!!!!

T said...

as she cries too...

Lindsey K said...

This is me smiling....what about how badly he wants me to visit just so he can sleep in your room, not at all because he likes me :)