Thursday, November 12, 2009

is it too early for christmas music?

Rob and I went to bed at 11:30 last night to rain. We woke up this morning to about ten inches of fresh, heavy snow. I am ambivalent about snow. I like to ski, but I'm not rabid about it. I like sledding, but we need better options to really enjoy it. I like getting my cardio/weight workout by shoveling it, Blake loves to help shovel and play, and it's really lovely the way everything looks when covered with it.

However... We live in a college town, so many of the folks who live and drive here in the winter are either from a different part of the state or a different part of the country, AND they have wholly inappropriate cars for a foot of unplowed white fluff OR are completely unaware of how to drive in it. Worst case scenario: a combination of both!

I feared for my life this morning and truly regretted that Blake has to go to preschool so far from home. It was a mess! I'm not sure if the plows got out at all this morning, based on the conditions of the roads I used, or if it was just snowing THAT hard. There was clear evidence of the piled up snow and ruts throwing folks into the curb on Main Street. I had to stop too suddenly and had my anti-lock brakes engage, and I saw folks fishtailing all over the place. FREAKY!

So today, I am very very grateful for a garage I can park in (but sorry that there's not room for you, RobRob!), a schedule that's flexible so that I did not have to drive unsafely or worry about being ridiculously late, four-wheel drive and the knowledge to use it, and angels around us to protect us from all the other crazies drivers out there.

What a great day for puttering around the house, maybe going sledding, then warming up with hot chocolate! Maybe I should risk the distance and kidnap Blake from preschool to have a fun play day... I'd need to pick up a sled long enough for two first...

Oh, how snow days captivate my inner child. Guess I'm not THAT ambivalent now that Blake's grown up enough to be a playmate rather than simply someone I need to take care of.


Dana and Andrea Davenport said...

I find that it is a lack of common sense.I have lived my whole life in California and never had to drive in snow, until now. Last year we had "crazy" ice and snow and our 2 civic's did just fine. However the NW veterans with 4wd still didnt understand that you have to slow down. I do wish we had a crv or a pilot though. Front wheel drive drifting for the win!!!!

T said...

i will not be attending gg tonight due to the snow. just letting you know. i don't feel like it. plus feel really icky today :( boo!

Anonymous said...

Pete's Hill, here you come!!??
Have fun!
Emily (Morrison) Nichols