Monday, November 9, 2009

some of the best news ever?


Also, because she doesn't really get into it (and Lane, advise if I'm stepping over my bounds here), they need to live in the house for two years to avoid capital gains taxes. After that, they can sell, pay off medical debt, and STILL have a little nest egg for a deposit on a different home.

Talk about your answered prayer! Oh yeah, AND Bing now has health insurance, AND Maddox gives kisses and is walking and putting things in the toilet/bathtub/trash, AND I love my family so much it HURTS ME.

I'm still a little baffled that Lane and Bing didn't take us up on our offer to let them buy the Spokane house on the cheap. Course, it's going to whoever actually wants it on the cheap, but someone has to want it first. Now let's all pray for that, okay? All those other prayers have been answered, so we can focus back on me.

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