Sunday, November 8, 2009

that's what she said

P (to his wife): "You can tell me to do something or tell me how to do something, but you can't do both."

M: You want the rest of my cake?
L: Are you sick?
M: Have we done this before?

L is desperately afraid of illness, probably because she always manages to catch everything, so I guess it's fair. If you offer her the last half of your dessert, she cannot accept until she's sure you do not have an infectious disease. Multiple times.

M: This cake is delicious! What's in it?
H: Oh, a lot of puddin', a lot of love, and a truffle!
A: That is going to be my recipe for everything from now on. Flank steak, beans and rice, you name it!

A: (after using it in a sentence a few times) I guess 'vibrate' is my favorite verb.


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