Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the bounty of christmas and three sets of lungs

I got to go to Billings last weekend to meet up with Steve for some grandpa/grandson bonding time. On the way back, I offered to bring my twin nephews with me to save Reese the drive. Because of the season and the cost of shipping, I also brought gifts from many families in Billings to families in Bozeman.
  • Gail gifts to me and Reese
  • Perrine gift to me
  • Myers gifts to Bedfords & Schuylers
  • Schuyler gifts to Schuylers
  • Morstad gifts to Bedfords
  • Pierce family gifts to Oberlys
  • My gifts to us - I took them to Billings to wrap them
Plus overnight bags for me, Blake, and the twins. If I had to, I was tallying up things to leave behind (the sleds, the pillows, Blake). My car was like Santa's rucksack: it magically expanded to fit EVERYTHING, and I still had room to see out the back window. Like a miracle.

The twins were cheek-to-jowl with Blake in the back seat, and it was kind of a trick (I mean, MIRACLE) to get them all to fit and buckled in. I got on the road at 3:20 with a coffee in my hand and, upon reaching the highway, with a cacophony of sound behind me. It went like this:


until I thought, "I'm going to have to club them like baby seals to get them to quiet down!"

By 3:30, Mason was asleep. By 3:51 (I was paying attention!), the other two were out as well. Most of the rest of the drive was spent in peace and quiet, and then I got to Bozeman, and it was like muzzles fell off the twins upon spying their house. "OH MY GOSH! THAT'S OUR HOUSE! WE THOUGHT WE'D NEVER SEE IT AGAIN!"

So I left the twins with their endlessly patient mother, put the muzzles on Blake, and went home.


Lindsey K said...

THAT is why they call you Addie the Great, or just Addie for short. But we all know the "Great" is implied :)Love you friend.

Janelle Wilson said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for carrying all the precious cargo. And thank God they fell asleep. He only gives us what we can handle. :)

Grammie Perrine said...

Addie... you make me laugh out loud ... "club them like baby seals"... funny stuff, lady!