Friday, December 4, 2009

i know it's lazy, but it makes for speedy posting

E: And I'm thinking, "You take your foot off the gas, and I'll take mine off the brake!"
A: Are you teaching Driver's Training?
E: No, I'm dating.

M: Well, let her have fun, YA BITCH!

(I told her I'd anonymize it, but it's not nearly as fun: Mom, you're one of my favorite people, even though you said this to me.)

A: (sneeze) Excuse me.
B: You're excused.
A: Thank you.
B: You sneezeded. Why did you say "Excuse me?"
A: Because I sneezed. It's polite. You're supposed to say "Bless you."
B: Oh, MOM.


leblogdelossmiths said...

haha! that's so cute.

Momica said...

Addie, Remember you, Kelli, and I were laughing and cutting up being a little squirrely when I popped that phrase.
Folks out there I am not the tree Addie fell from. It is her father, the mighty oak, in which this acorn(A) fell. Ha ha ha ha ha

Addie said...

Oh yes. I thought it was clear it was lighthearted, but maybe not. Momica was making a funny people, and it was VERY funny.

And I do too get it from her! She just shocks herself sometimes. :)