Wednesday, December 30, 2009

life according to a 4-year-old

After licking food off his fingers during a meal and doing the predictable thing:
A: Don't wipe your hands on your pants!
B: No, it's okay. It's just the wetness of the tongue.

B: Mom, whenever I take drinks, I feel happy. Whenever I don't, I don't feel happy. So I'm happy cuz I took two drinks to make me happier so I'm happy!
A: Sounds good to me!

B: Mom, I haven't played Star Wars LEGOs for a whole day.
A: It's been longer than that.

A: Who are your favorite people to talk to on the phone?
B: Chase. And all of my grandpas and grandpas.

HAHAHA! I meant my grandpas and grammies. All of them.

I'm so silly.


Grammie Perrine said...

You cannot argue with "it is just the wetness of the tongue". I mean, really...what is the big deal?

Lonnie Smith said...

uh oh, he is already connecting Drinking to happiness, that isn't supposed to happen for at LEAST another 5 years! GULP!