Tuesday, December 29, 2009

no thanks to terra

Blake has this almost memorized. And he recites it - not to me, but to himself while playing, though he thinks the mom's name is "Lewis."

B: "Mom, I'll be the little boy, and you can be the mom who yells 'WHAT?' at me."
A: "Yep, that will be some real acting on my part."


Molly said...

HA HA -- it's like the "Obnoxious Groundhog," but perhaps a little closer to home :)


T said...

basically i'm the best. and now mom has a ringtone to match her son's "acting"

aubyn said...

I think this is the perfect time for Auntie Aubyn to teach Blake the copying game. The never-ending-to-the-fun copying game.