Monday, January 11, 2010

because arson is right up my alley!

I have a friend who is very good to me. She managed to caulk most of the house in Spokane, single-fingered. She got a blister on that finger, she caulked that much (if you read this aloud or aloud in your head, do not forget to pronounce the "l" in caulk!). She is a caulking FOOL.

And she laughs at my jokes, which I like rather a lot.

This friend is a self-professed fan of tequila. So much so that, when me and both our husbands were slumming with beer (a micro-brew, but still) after working on the Spokane house, she mixed herself a margarita with the goods she'd brought from home. It made me happy in a way that only someone else for whom alcohol is important enough to take seriously, but not so important that fun cannot be had without it, can do. She and I take our booze seriously, except that we totally don't. Because I will get frustrated at work, at home, while running errands, or blinking and declare to anyone in earshot that I'm about to start drinking heavily.

It is funny only because I never actually do this.

Well, almost never.

Anyway! Back to my friend!

I was so grateful for all her help that I made her a CD. It had a theme that began with the Barenaked Ladies' Alcohol and ran through every song in my playlist that had the word "tequila" in it. Otherwise, there was no rhyme nor reason, and I didn't tell her the theme, only that there was one.

She figured it out. I got a CD entitled "Songs of 924 E. Illinois" that mystified me. Was it songs we'd listened to while painting and caulking? DEAR LORD, THE CAULKING! Was it a play on that? Would I have to listen to it alone so Blake wouldn't pick up on any new bad words?

Track One
Track Two Lyrics: I live all alone in a little blue house by the side of the road / Look in the window and you'll see me crying in that little blue house of mine / Nobody comes to visit me. It's like the blues is a fatal disease / I spend my time just cryin' and moanin' in that little blue house, oh!
Track Three

And so on. It kind of made my day. L, I miss you!

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Anonymous said...

so...this was one of those things I did and afterwards thought that it might not have been in the best taste to poke fun of something that really could be a sensitive issue to others. Glad you can understand/pretend to appreciate my somewhat twisted sense of humor as it often has the potential to get me into trouble. And although it would be wonderful to have you guys here, we do keep praying that the little blue house will sell.
Miss you too,