Friday, April 23, 2010

no spitting in the house

We're entering a new phase. On the sinful side, it's been characterized by rebellion (ignoring our instructions and arguing with almost EVERYTHING), selfishness (constant interruption and worse), and anger (pouting). Unfortunately, his preschool has reported some of the same, and the rebellion there included some experimental spitting during nap/rest time.

Oh dear.

We've pulled out a new book for the new phase that involves even more heart work than the last parenting book we leaned on heavily. Have yet to read it, but we are trying to be creative in how we discipline. These new habits took time to adopt and will take time to unlearn. Rather than a one-time discipline for each little infraction, we've taken a sweeping methodology that will require long term obedience to get the good consequences he desires.

The discipline? We took away all his Star Wars and superhero t-shirts. He was very, very sad about this, which I think is a good sign. He also thinks all his other t-shirts are boring, which I think shows a lack of imagination. At least we didn't limit him to white wife-beaters.

The good consequences? Get good reports about behavior at school and work on arguing and interrupting at home, and he can earn up to one shirt back per day. He got his first one back yesterday, and it's looking good for him to get another back today.

My initial suggestion of just giving him swirlies was rejected out of hand, and when I protested, Rob mentioned that Blake might have gotten the arguing part from me.



Molly said...

This post was a lot more funny to me than it probably should have been. Taking away his superhero shirts? Sheer genius!

Beth said...

Take good notes, Molly! :)

Addie, what parenting book did you use previously? We have entered a similar rebellion/interrupting/anger stage that is NOT so impressive. I enjoy reading your "parenting" posts!

Grammie Perrine said...

Too late for me.. my boys are grown up and out of control. Damn. Maybe Jenn can take away Julian's bottle caps and Lane can take away Bing's herbs and spices...

lanerdoo said...

Ok,ok. I know this was a serious type post but, how can you not laugh? He was born to be a rebellious, towheaded, gamer!I wonder what is in store for me?

Lonnie Smith said...

discipline might be the hardest part of being a parent, especially since you always want to second guess yourself.


too far?

Catherine said...

I so feel for you! We've been in this same phase for much longer than you want to know. Tjabe hacked a loogie and spit it in the middle of Costco last week (and yes, he knew better).