Monday, April 19, 2010

that's what he said

B: I like your purse.
E: Thank you!

B: I'm a fan of candy.

B: I'm really hungry now!
A: You'll just have to wait. It's almost dinner.
B: Why don't you give me something to tight me over?

B: MOM! Look at these cool Star Wars shirts!
A: Those ARE cool, but you already have about a hundred, so that's plenty.
B: Mom, I think I need a bigger closet. Then I can buy a TONS of shirts.

A: (after a ten-minute cooling period) Blake, I am sorry that I lost my temper and yelled at you. No matter how disobedient you are, I need to have self-control in how I speak to you. Will you please forgive me?
B: (looking down seriously and raising his arms to wrap them tightly around my neck, then whispering right at my ear so that it was very loud and hurty) Mom, I will always forgive you.

B: I made a big pile of awesome.


Grammie Perrine said...

I love that Blake can make a big pile of awesome ( I would really like to see that) AND I love the fact that he will ALWAYS forgive you. That must be a very comforting and incredible feeling...

Gailzee said... Smigs and Mace would say...I cry...that was so sweet. What a dear boy and what a special relationship you have with him.

Lonnie Smith said...

I think the fact that you can apologize heartfelt to your son, recognizing your own wrong is incredible, and is unconditional acceptance of you is very heartwarming.

leblogdelossmiths said...

very very sweet.