Tuesday, May 4, 2010

loving right now

  • My staple gun. It is AWESOME. Why haven't I used it before now?!
  • Label maker. Also awesome and keeps Rob from using OxiClean in lieu of flour. It might also be that we don't store flour on the dryer and Rob doesn't do laundry, but my money's on that label.
  • Boxed brownies, especially the Ghirardelli kind. I have made three batches from scratch recently, and all three were disappointing (especially when I overbaked the first two). Nothing beats a box for ease and taste. NOM NOM NOM.
  • RadioLab - amazing details in a science podcast that is absolutely fascinating. Subscribe and start at the beginning. You won't regret it.
  • The new design details in the condo to make it more appealing to buyers also make it awfully appealing to me. It feels all dressed up, but in a really classy, pared down way.
  • Blooming lily-of-the-valley. It's close, and the cold weather is slowing it down, but it WILL bloom. I know it.
  • The smell of the tomato and basil plants I'm babying inside until this stupid weather gets over itself.
  • Earning the "favorite sister-in-law" title simply for sending a little finals care package to a pretty gal in Nashville (she's above water and helping out with those who flooded).
  • Psych.
  • Big Train Chai on a distressingly cold May night.
  • New Zealand accents. I could listen to a Kiwi read the phone book.
  • Star Wars day - May the fourth be with you!

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Lindsey K said...

I want to see pictures of these lovely touches you have added to your condo!