Tuesday, May 4, 2010

that's what he said

A: Well, did you learn about communion in children's church today?
B: No. We just learned about the Lord's Supper.

B: (while coloring) Grammie Gee will LOVE this.

A: Blake, are you sharing with your friend?
B: (calling back) We're sharing! (to friend) You're crazy, Tjabe.

B: (while playing) Pay for your bills or I'll take you to Jabba the Hut!

B: I only hug my teachers. I don't kiss 'em cuz that would be weird.
A: Why would that be weird?
B: Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I think it's cuz they don't want my SLOBBER, so I don't kiss 'em, I just hug 'em.

T: I never realized that conversations could get more uncomfortable than they are with Addie, and then (to Rob) YOU came into the picture.

T: I have stopped eating wheat, for the most part. So no more beer.
R: Wheat is up with that?
T: (laughing) Oh sheaf.

I promptly scolded them both roundly for their terrible terrible puns.


T said...

you only wish you would have been fast enough to come up with your own pun like "no grain, no pain" or "what?! you're not a gluten for pun-ishment??" or "what? you're not in-bred?" or well okay i'll stop but i'm sure i could come up with a dozen others!

Catherine said...

How considerate of Blake to want to protect his teachers from slobber.