Tuesday, June 22, 2010

open invitation

I am going to Montana Shakespeare in the Park's showing of A Midsummer Night's Dream this week. I plan to go Thursday, but I want company, and Rob isn't available (don't feel badly for him - he gets to be in Billings, which is not here, which makes him happy!).

I need two things: company (come one, come all!) and a babysitter. I'm using the blog to fill my social calendar and meet my needs. I also use Facebook. Both are wonderful problem-solving tools surpassed only by my Magic 8-Ball.

Just kidding. The fairy that lives inside my Magic 8-Ball has been fired because the blog and Facebook are MUCH BETTER social problem solvers. "Ask again later" is not very helpful. I might start saying that to B, except his concept of time is so screwed up. "Later" could mean two seconds, two days, or two weeks. If he hasn't done something in a very very long time (weeks or months), he emphasizes the length of time by how hard he pronounces the wrong period of time: "I haven't done that for A WHOLE DAY."

But back to my problem: who wants to come with me? Picnic dinner with a bottle of wine on the lawn in the MSU Grove (behind the duck pond), starting at 6:00 for good seats. Show starts at 8:00. And who wants to play games with Blakesteramicus?

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