Tuesday, June 22, 2010

how the hell am i supposed to be?

We have this sweet little speaker in our living room that streams Pandora (advert-free!). I was skeptical at first, but RobRob won me over, and I do really like it. Blake likes it even more than me - "I think we should be listening to some music now, Mom." - and often requests the station I created special just for him: Black Eyed Peas Radio.

It's a pretty fun mix to dance around to (and yes, I absolutely shake it - Gloria Estefan was right: the rhythm really IS going to get you), and Blake generally likes the most inappropriate songs. So much so that, when I finally can catch the lyrics and gasp and skip it, he's usually got the chorus memorized and can horrify anyone else who knows enough of the rest of the song to know what he's quoting.

We'll get everything from vintage Michael Jackson to the latest by Kanye West, but my absolute favorite is Usher's "Yeah." Why? I laugh and laugh remembering this scene from Hitch, which is a movie I should own just to watch the extra footage of this again and again.


Grammie Perrine said...

HYSTERICAL.. I have never seen this before. Kevin James can shake his booty!

Momica said...

I know girl -good tunes can make a dull day quite groovin' This guys moves are a scream. You and Blake go- move and shake it but watch out for the WORDS!!!

Becky W-D said...

I LOVE that part of that movie. Love it. I may just sit here and replay that scene all afternoon. Thanks for posting!

Catherine said...

You know Will Smith was just trying hard not to laugh!