Sunday, June 13, 2010

too big to contain in words - my heart HAS exploded

What a strange day this has been! It started at church, where I was on the worship team this morning. A friend told me about a conversation he'd had with mutual friends that went something like this:
J: Well, Addie mentioned that I should tweak the design to make it look less phallic. She wouldn't want people to think she had a dildo on her kitchen counter.
B: Who is this Addie person?
J: She is one of the most foul-mouthed Christians I know.
S: Actually, she is THE most foul-mouthed Christian I know.

At first I laughed, because I know that I am not always appropriate, but I'm often memorable. Then I pondered it more and was pretty bummed out by my own sin. J told me the story to entertain, not hurt me, but it's my own actions that I find objectionable, and my heart has been heavy much of the day.

Tonight, after getting Blake in bed, I popped in briefly to put some laundry away and heard a song I used to fall asleep to back when I was a kid, so I started singing along (he gets a CD at bedtime). "Yet to all who received Him / to those who believe in His name / He gave the right to become children / children of God." And Blake asked, "Mom? How do I become a child of God?"

I explained that we are all born sinners. I asked if he was a sinner, and he nodded. "Me, too," I said, and went on to talk about Jesus's death on the cross. Because we sin, we are deserving of death - sin cannot exist or stand before a purely holy God - but Jesus took that death and punishment upon Himself. And if we trusted Him and asked for His forgiveness for our sin, He would cover over our sin with His sacrifice. Because of his never stopping, never giving up, always and forever love. And Blake wanted that.

I prayed and he repeated after me, and I fumbled and repeated a few things a few times because I wanted to be sure I did right by this dear little man, and then I decided I wouldn't let my need for a certain order of words get in the way of his open-hearted running towards the God of the universe. And after "Amen," Blake's eyes snapped open and he grinned widely and said "I'm a child of God! I'm SO HAPPY!"

Such a huge, life-changing moment, and it just took place in a few moments of prayer at bedtime. And Heaven (and his Daddy) are rejoicing. Me too, but I'm also leaking copiously about the eye areas.


Betsy Rivers said...

Hi Addie -

How wonderful this post is! I am so glad I read it here at the very end of my day because it is one of the best things I have heard all day! What a precious and awesome thing. I will put a little bit of a song I used to sing when I was young:

I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God / I've been washed in the fountain and cleansed by His blood / Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod / For I'm part of the family - the family of God

Welcome to the family, Blake!!

lanerdoo said...

What a tender event! I loved getting the phone call, thinking it was you and hearing Blakes little voice" aunt Lane, I just asked Jesus into my heart". It also made my eyes leak.

T said...

my heart is full and my grin is huge!

kfuhrman said...

That is awesome...isn't it just amazing how God works...Jacob and I had a similar conversation a few months ago and I have the date marked on my calendar. Have you been reading "The Jesus Storybook Bible"? We read it every night before's great! I also wanted to encourage's so good that you can see areas in your life that need improvement...I know I have a lot, and God has been showing me where and what I need to be doing to change those areas. Thank God that he loves us where we are and he doesn't ever give up on us. I love ya, sista!

Sprout Sister said...

This made my day! So precious and so grateful that the Lord is real! He makes us all feel happy when a child comes into the family, the new birth

Lindsey K said...

I am also leaking copiously about the eye area as well, and dang it I'm at work!