Wednesday, June 16, 2010

better than smelling smoke all summer

I love rain. I love the smell of fresh rain on hot asphalt, I love the greening of the world, I love the darkness midday, I love the lightning and thunder, I love the rainbows and scrubbed look of the air and mountains afterward.

HOWEVER, it has now rained so much here that the asphalt has never been given the chance to dry and get hot. It is as though winter slid very very slowly into soggy. No spring. No hot asphalt. Rather than smell refreshing, it smells like worms here. True story.

Aside: I do not know how I know what worms smell like, but this leads into a coming post about how ridiculously sensitive my nose is. It is a super-sniffer.

One of the up sides of all this rain is that I haven't really had to water my plants much (though the soggy flowers are awfully limp and listless, and the plants I have in the ground have not really done any growing without sun). With Blake's new rain boots, puddles are now especially exciting. It also drives all the slugs out of the earth (and away from my poor, non-growing plants) so that Blake and I can squash them.

Aside #2: No news on the condo sale (it isn't even showing, so let's pray for that, okay?), which means that while we've found a few homes we LOVE, we can't do anything about them. It is frustrating until I remind myself that God's got a plan and there's something more perfect for us out there, or with better timing, or something. I think RobRob is pretty bummed though.

I am hoping for some electrical storming tonight. I love rain at night, especially when it's accompanied by white flashes that make the bedroom look weird and eerie and deep rumbles that are majestic and mysterious. Otherwise, rain: I hate you. We are through. Excuse me while I go wring out my hair.


aubyn said...

I was looking out at the storms through my little gopher-hole basement apartment windows. I think it is dramatic! Maybe we will have a longer summer at the tail end?

TokranePo said...

I am sorry the rain has worn you out. Were it not for that, I would have thought your post was simple gloating over your massive good fortune.
/jealousy from WA