Monday, June 21, 2010

a little glimpse of crazy

I am enjoying a very delicious salad, and yet I feel like a failure. Why, you ask? Why would eating my leafy greens and veggies make me feel as though I have failed at anything?

Because all the veggies in my delicious salad are GREEN. It isn't colorful enough, though the green pepper, green cuke (I first spelled that cucke, which make me think naughty things), and green avocado taste very good with the green spinach. No red, orange, or yellows, but besides tomato or fruit, anything else I add would be... bell peppers. That is a LOT of bell pepper, which I won't do (it messes with the ratio in my bites of perfection: a little of everything in the salad in EACH bite, and three kinds of peppers in each bite is just, I think we can agree, TOO MUCH).



jenty said...

a green goddess salad. call it that and stop feeling like a failure!

T said...

are you really wondering who even thinks like this? are you not remembering our conversation today?

kfuhrman said...

I think like that...but my salads include Romaine lettuce, red onion, cukes=), peas, black beans, kalamata olives, and feta cheese, topped with a few crushed blue chips and drizzled with homemade balsamic vinegrette...and now I'm salivating!