Saturday, July 17, 2010

trying to lead by example is awfully tough

Sometimes it feels like my main parenting role right now is preventing my son from putting himself into a sugar coma. He is awfully determined. Things I have turned down today:
  • strawberry milk with breakfast (which was Lucky Charms)
  • dessert after breakfast
  • a snack of marshmallows before lunch
  • a dessert of ice cream AND marshmallows after lunch
  • Capri Sun for snack
It's only 5:00. We haven't had dinner, nor our typical after-dinner dessert negotiation. Thing is, I totally understand, having a wicked sweet tooth myself. If I could just inject processed sugar directly into my vein, I'd say no, because I LOVE to eat it. Why bypass the fun of the flavor and texture of your teeth rotting?

Mom, thanks for keeping me from a sugar coma all those years. You're a good woman.