Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bunko quotes

S: I like it HARD. GRRR.

L: Were you keeping track of our score?
S: No, you were.
L: Well how many points do we have?!
N (who is on the opposing team): Not many. Probably none.
S: Really?!

S: I'm really craving pinching that butt.

S: Smell that creaminess! Smell her dessert!
N: Lick it.

L: Are you sunburned?
A: Yep. Stone cold sober. One beer...
A: Oh. Yes.

M: All I heard was "condoms" something something.

S: Is that too much information?
L: (groaning and/or whimpering) Yes!

A: My feet stink.
M (from other table): REALLY?

M: Did you get a bunch of good quotes?
A: Nah, I feel kind of fuzzy tonight. Not enough sleep.
M: What about all the crap YOU said?
A: I don't usually write that down. (M gives A a skeptical look) It's suspicious that way! (pretending to write) "Oh, I am HILARIOUS - you guys don't even have to say anything!"
M: Well...
A: I'm not that self-involved. (M gives A a skeptical look) Well, at least I'm not tonight.

C: I pretty much just put the donkey down my shirt and leave it there.

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