Friday, October 8, 2010

i'll trust him again when he can start pushing the cart without playing bumper cars

While checking out yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten two items from my list. Holding my already purchased groceries and a small hand, I wound my way through the store to grab the last required ingredients for dinner.

I made sure to go through the same line so the checker wouldn't feel the need to check ID against my credit card again or charge me twice for the same groceries. I tried to keep Blake from dancing around in people's way, threw the last two things in my bag, and we made our way to the car.

When I went to the grocery store again this morning, sour cream, beer, and avocados in hand, the guy at the counter asked if I was throwing an early morning party.

"Nope. This is my third trip here in less than fifteen hours due to forgetting things off my list because shopping with a five-year-old is incredibly difficult... not to mention the part where I got home and exclaimed 'Hey, I don't remember buying Trix!'"

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Noel said...

On an impromptu trip to the store tonight, I saw no less than 3 people I knew. I actually sought out the first one to say "hi" and then about 5 minutes after the encounter realized I hadn't done my hair or put on any make-up before leaving my house. Awesome. (I'm a hairstylist and she's a client. Wonder if I'll ever see her again....)