Sunday, October 3, 2010

a story in photos, part 3

Everyone knows the best part of a celebration is the after-party!

The happy couple. HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!

You can't evade my kisses any longer, Mr. Bone. Not that you were trying to...

The extended Nutting side.

Children of the cousins: Sawyer was already in bed, so we all set our children down, stepped back, and started cheering idiotically. The kids were alternately engaged with each other...

... and bewildered by us. But hey, no tears, right?! I can't tell if Smith is giving the evil eye to Noah or Mason.

Well, it was bound to happen. Aubyn photobombs, Blake poops out, Maddox gives the double thumbs up, Mason evacuates, Noah and Smith look elsewhere, and Selah has had ENOUGH ALREADY.

We're all here! Quick, everyone grab your spouse and we'll get a picture!

"BEDFORD, PUT THAT AWAY! I don't care if everyone else is laughing!"
My favorite expressions, in order: Rob, Reese, Lane, Hannah, Wes, me.

Sweet Saucy, with his sweet thumb. I assume it's sweet, because he's often tasting it, but I myself have not sampled its flavor. Nor do I plan to.

Jarred was in his element, reading animatedly to Selah and Noah.

A rare shot of the twins together, being held by a gentle bear Dale.

Yeah, it's fuzzy, but I love these faces, especially the smiles on both of 'em.

See where I get it? The charm and photogenics?



The wedding done, we moved the tables under cover, grabbed beer/wine/soda, and began catching up or getting acquainted. Hans's family is delightful and warm, making themselves at ease among Aubyn's hordes of friends and family. The kids swarmed, adults chattered, and rain fell intermittently as we ate and enjoyed the haze of happy times.

Coming soon: the final "story in photos," composed largely of the results of the photo booth that the bride and groom thoughtfully provided in the form of a remote-controlled camera, a laptop to see your pics immediately, and props in order to loosen up and make sure that no one took themselves TOO seriously.

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