Sunday, November 28, 2010

cold hands, warm heart

In preparation for the bitter cold we have experienced over the last two weeks, I decided to try something new. When I first moved in, I made window blankets out of a thermal fabric to help insulate in the winter. They aren't a vapor barrier, but they kept the rooms a bit warmer than the alternative. They also make the entire condo an absolute cave of darkness to be effective in the daytime, and it was giving me the "Imma cut someone!" blues in the winter.

Based on a link Molly sent me, I taped up a layer of bubble wrap over the glass. I figured that the weatherization kits (a vapor barrier) would be swiftly popped by one of the two boys, ruining the entire thing, not to mention that we do not have a fully framed window to even USE them on. Bubble wrap, on the other hand, could handle a few exploratory poppings and possibly still keep some of the cold at bay while permitting light to shine through.

The window before.

The window after.

The window now, because it was FREAKING FREEZING in here!

I might move up to a heavier duty bubble wrap with lots more tape to get as close to vapor barrier as possible, but in the double digits below zero, ain't NOTHING gonna be warm. Except Rob... and he is mostly compliant when I warm my icy little fingies and toesies on him at night.

Seriously, the man sleeps so hot that I have taken to leaving our bedroom door open in the hopes that he'll warm the rest of the house a little bit. I am actually being literal here - that is what I do and why. Plus, it just gets too stuffy in there for me with my big manly space heater right by my side. I'm so glad we have a king-size bed so we can cuddle in Nebraska and rather abruptly break to our respective coasts when it's time to fall asleep.

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Libbie said...

I laughed so hard when you described Rob as your "heater." That is exactly what I say about Dave. I actually feel like I could burn myself, he runs so warm :) When he is out of town I get so cold I have to turn the heat up higher. I love the quote about the king size bed. Sooooo true for me too but I love the way you put it! We have the same system, meet in "Nebraska" and then to our "respective coasts" too! :)