Sunday, November 28, 2010

that's what he said

B: Look at my belly! (pulling up his shirt) It's a little fat!
A: A very little.
B: Look! (patting it hard) It's a little jiggly!
A: Y-
B: Like yours!

B: (while watching The Neverending Story) Wow. He is REALLY enjoying that book.

A: What are you doing? (B keeps getting up during dinner and walking into the living room, then back to the table)
B: I'm tooting out my toots. I toot out my toots over there so I won't toot (waving his hands in little circles in front of him) in THIS area.

B: (running out from his room quite suddenly) Feliz Navidad!
A: Feliz Navidad! Where did you learn that? At school?
B: Nope! I changed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Spanish on my DVD player!

To be clear: he was watching movies in his room because we were both home sick, but I still had to work, so I brought in the portable player from the car. I get a ridiculous amount done while ending up feeling ridiculously guilty for relying on the one-eyed babysitter and rotting our son's brain.

A: Blake, do you want to try some sushi?
B: Yes, please. (eats a sliver of ahi sashimi)
R & A: What do you think?

B: Mom, I ate some ginger, and it made my hot stickers taste brand new!
R: It's hard to explain "cleansed your palate" to a five-year-old.

A: Because you're a child and you have no sense.
B: YEAH I DO! I have five senses: touching, hearing, smelling...
R: (under his breath) Busted.
B: ... tasting, and seeing!

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Momica said...

Hey lovees,
Oh my gosh, your posts are so funny to me. You are going to have to stay on your toes with little man anymore!!! I love the ingenuity with the bubble wrap window thing. How's it working over a few days. How is heater man holding up after Black Friday and Sat. Missed you guys at the T table. Lots of love,