Friday, November 12, 2010

we studied ephesians 4:1-16

With Rob's blessing and encouragement, I broke one of our rules at the end of October and drove to Spokane without my fellas. Beth Moore was in town for a live event, and I got to go with Rob's mother, Joyce, and my friend Esther. I've only been in one Beth Moore study, but it was wonderful, and I own a few of her books.

Her relationship with Christ is enviable, and the way she speaks of Him fills me with longing. I want to love Jesus like that, enthusiastically and exuberantly. To be winsome in my faith and so full of love for Him that I cannot help but love others - what a goal!

I now want to do another study (Breaking Free, Esther, Believing God, Daniel, The Patriarchs, Jesus the One & Only are just a few), if only to have some joyfulness rub off on me, to immerse myself in a more charismatic way of learning than I currently have. Maybe after BSF is done this spring... but pulling together a bunch of women with busy schedules and children is a right joke and very difficult. I think it would be 100% worth it!

In an effort to reacquaint myself with a joyful Jesus, I've been listening to more praise and worship. Is it just me, or can it be hard to find really GOOD worship music? I usually quit listening because the quality of music/lyrics are just so poor I can't get past it and end up feeling like a douchebag for singing along. Any suggestions? Who do you love to listen to?


Betsy Rivers said...

Hi Addie! I have gone through two Beth Moore studies (the one on the fruits of the spirit and Jesus the One and Only) and they are so good! What a neat gal she is...I love the way she speaks directly to her readers :)As far as worship music goes, I really like to listen to Keith and Kristyn Getty, Sara Groves (especially When the Saints), and Stuart Townend. I also love Trudy Poirier's cds. I am interested to read what others like!

naomi said...

I have really been enjoying "Enter the Worship Circle" on Pandora. Lots of different stuff. Accoustic and kind of folksie (sp?).

Molly said...

Jesus Culture. Here's their myspace: