Monday, November 8, 2010

typhoid Mary

That is what I am. Between me and Blake, we've unwittingly exposed an entire kindergarten class and two families to impetigo and several good friends to strep.

He has impetigo. I have strep.

To the friends helping me try to fill my deer tag on public land Saturday, after a brutal hike: "Yes, you can have some of my water, but be warned I've had a wretched sore throat, so drink from the threads of the bottle and not the straw, which is what I use."

To the friends watching Blake while I was away: ____________

I didn't know! I thought he had the last vestiges of a cold, but was nothing to worry about. When he woke me up three times Saturday night (after a hunting trip that is best described as taking armed walks in the country) with a sore ear, I took him to Urgent Care on Sunday for a suspected ear infection. The doc was much more concerned with his crusty nose and advised me that my son is a public health risk for the first 24 hours after his first round of antibiotics, which, because of his sore ears and impetigo, are strong enough to combat STAPH, just in case.

I woke up with a throat that felt like I'd been swallowing knives for the fifth day running, and decided I had given up and would hope it was tonsillitis or something so that I could get antibiotics and start to feel better. The 800 mg of ibuprofen I've been taking regularly hasn't even TOUCHED the rawness in my throat, so I'm pretty miserable. The doc thought I had throat surgery in the not-distant past due to how inflamed everything is back there. Apparently the old throat looked like scar tissue.

It doesn't help that pretty much all the deer we saw Saturday thumbed their noses at us from private land, so I STILL haven't filled that darn tag, despite mulies being dumber than a box of rocks. They just stand there and look at you, and the inner monologue I imagine for them is "Hey! Whatcha doing? Ooh, that's a pretty shiny black thing. Are you taking my picture when you point it at me like that? Wha- OW! OW OW OW! That hurts! Why would you-" and then they die.

BUT, I have all the means to whip up a great white mocha here at the house, and I've recently discovered how to (easily) make challah, so there's a fresh loaf on the counter. Holla! We have Netflix streaming on our TV, Blake is chipper and playing in his room, and a friend is visiting at 1:00 with whatever my heart desires. I've started my first round of amoxicillin and am eagerly looking forward to my first Vicodin tonight, to help me sleep. Strep and impetigo are not the end of the world, but I've asked God that I would quickly learn whatever He's trying to teach me here, and if He could just put it down on paper, I'll be sure to read it later.


Noel said...

I always think it's strange when people apologize for "getting other people sick." Like you went in there with a loaded weapon. You didn't know! You didn't know your weapon was loaded! You didn't know you had a weapon! It's germs! They're the ones to blame! Don't add guilt to your already overwhelming feelings of crumminess! Just get better.

aubyn said...

This entire post is about loaded weapons! Bwah ha ha! Maybe you should have coughed on those deer, your weapon works better that way?

Lindsey K said...

Oh my, this sounds like a bad thing and all, but actually I am jealous that you have a really really good reason to stay home and do whatever you want--in your house. Strep is no fun though. abd where the heck did B get impetigo?!?! is he a wrestler and we didn't know it?

Grammie Perrine said...

I'm boiling my laptop with sanitizer after reading this!