Tuesday, January 4, 2011

that's what he said

B: (matter-of-factly) The robot is no match for my skills.

B: (to one of the twins) Which one are you again? What's your name?
S: I'm Smitty.
B: Oh, cool! I LOVE that you call yourself Smitty.

A: Grammie sent this up (indicating a present) and said he can oh-pee-eee-enn it now.
A: Crap. There goes that trick. Stupid kindergarten, teaching you to spell!
B: Bad word.
R: Es la hora de practicar nuestro espanol. (or, roughly: "It's time to practice our Spanish.")

B: (reading a card I had just made for a bridal shower) Ess... eee... ex. "Seeks?" What's "seeks," Mom?
A: Uh... actually, it's "sex," and it's something Dad and I aren't quite ready to discuss with you yet, but I promise we will. Or for now, your sex is your gender. Your sex is "male." My sex is "female." That's good enough for today. Go play with your LEGOs.

B: Let's play bazombies!

B: Mom, can I please play Jasmine's Agendo DS?

B: Those minions sure love fruit!


Anonymous said...

After watching the clip Xyla says, "can we again momma?"

Noel said...

The only spanish I know is from working in a restaurant. (I took french in highschool...dumb choice.) So I only know the really bad words and it wouldn't be very helpful in these situations.

Jody McComas said...

I love our kids. So adorable!

Grammie Perrine said...

I want a T shirt that says.."The robot is no match for my skills!"..that is IF I wore T shirts...