Friday, February 18, 2011

from wolf to woof

My folks recently spent some time in Bozeman so Reese and Matt could spend some childless time away from Bozeman. Fun was had by all, but I think anyone who spends any significant time with the twins comes away respecting Reese more. She spends all day EVERY day with them, and they are at a particularly challenging age (as in, they are not yet 30 and married).

Sawyer is a darling little biscuit who is only JUST getting comfortable with me. Used to be he'd take one look at my smiling face, scrunch his forehead in concern, and turn away saying "NO!" while looking for his momma. He is also not yet 30 and married.

I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH IT HURTS ME! And Blake and I got to hang out with everyone too. It was great fun. We went to the museum for two whole hours.

He tried to make a clean escape but was thwarted by... well... everything. At this point, he was whining a little bit and in distress, but we made sure not to rescue him until I had a picture. Just like good aunties and grammies do.

Experiencing what it is like to be found by a search and rescue dog. Also experiencing what it is like to be a prairie dog, peeking out of the burrow.

Really don't know what to say about this one, except the thing on Sawyer's face is supposed to be held to your ear, not used as a gas mask.


Unknown said...

Love it :)

Noel said...

As an Aunt and a "dog mom" I often find myself, like in the situation with the escapee, just dying laughing, then realizing "oh, no, they're hurting themselves! I'm the adult! I'm supposed to step in!" Glad to know you have a similar at least get a photo first.

lanerdoo said...

Good job with the pictures Addie! I am proud of you, despite letting Sawdag suffer to get it :)