Monday, April 11, 2011

curse you, steve jobs!

Rob signed up with AT&T now that they are in Montana. While we'd talked about it and explored the least expensive options (read: AT&T HAS no inexpensive options for those poor suckers who simply MUST HAVE whatever Apple puts out), I didn't realize he'd pull the trigger so early (read: in the same month we're going to Hawaii, which equals $$$ despite the fact we've saved for it for the two years we've been married).

Happy anniversary, LOVER!

Though I wasn't expecting it, I knew it was coming. And, predictably, he's gushing about the damn thing so much that I'm feeling resentful against Apple and their price gouging. I limited him to ten gushy statements. Giggles/gasps/sighs don't count. I anticipate he will use all ten up in the next hour.

"It's like there's no pause! Just, BOOM!" (whispered under his breath)

"I don't have to be afraid of ads anymore!"

(to me) "I love you. You're so good for me and good to me."
A: "What makes you say that?"
"Well, first of all, you're so real and honest. But even as you're good with that and are probably frustrated by me, you let me get away with things occasionally (holds up iPhone 4) that make me really happy. And you still encourage responsibility and do so with good humor. I never had that before, the responsibility thing. It's really good for me. I love you."

Ok, Rob's forgiven. Steve Jobs is TOTALLY SLEEPING ON THE COUCH.

Unfortunately, Rob might join him, but only because of his deep and abiding affection for that wolf in a black mockneck.

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RJ said...

I'm commenting on this one only because none of your sisters or girlfriends who care enough about real issues are nerdy enough to.

I'm with Rob.

I'd totally sleep on the couch with Steve.

And if this EVER is a possibility, please have Rob text me and invite me. I'll wear my Macjammies and make a IIe shaped cake for the party.

Or at least have him take a pic of him and Steve touching their iPhones together, and MMS it to me.

But I prefer the Macjammy/cake option.

Thank you for providing intermittently useful blog posts for the rest of us.