Monday, April 18, 2011

guess it's fair - i sometimes call him "blake"

R: (overheard while booking something on the phone) My wife's name is Addie. A-delta-delta-I-E, same last name. Yep... Yep... Well, I think her full name is Adele.


Unknown said...

My 3rd boy, always tells my niece when she calls me Auntie; "MONTI....her name is MOMMY!!!, not AUNTIE!!!....CALL HER MOMMY!!!" (this child has one volume, and it's loud.)

TO which my diva girl niece replies, " Shut up Mercer you're only 3 and three-year olds don't know anything."

Ahhh kids!

Noel said...

To be fair, you're so much more an "Addie" than an "Adele."

Also, I'm hoping this will never be an issue for me, if I'm ever in a relationship with another man, because I called my husband by his name about 3 times. Other than that it was always "baby." So hopefully I'll be safe.